I have joint/muscle pain, are you able to help me?

Unless this is part of a neurological symptom/condition, it is best to contact a physiotherapist who specializes in musculoskeletal problems, such as low back pain. You may find one near you via www.csp.org.uk and use 'find a physio' search tool.

Do you perform acupuncture?

No. Acupuncture is a specialist treatment that can only be administered by a physiotherapist who has completed the appropriate training and accredited qualification. You may find physiotherapist who practices acupuncture via www.csp.org.uk 'find a physio' search tool.

How far to do you travel?

As well as covering the entire Swansea County, we also travel to neighboring counties such as Neath, Port Talbot and all areas of Carmarthenshire.

What do I need to prepare for a session?

On the day of your arranged visit, please allow a rest period before your session starts in order to avoid early onset fatigue. This is particularly important as the quality of your session will be affected by your energy levels. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and footwear that will allow for movement. Short sleeve tops (i.e. t-shirt/vest) and shorts or trousers (preferably elasticated) which can be easily rolled up would be ideal as base clothing. This is important as tight fitting clothes can interfere with movement and handling. If you prefer (particularly in colder seasons), you can wear layers of clothing that can be easily removed to get to base clothing. If you take any medications, please have your list of medications or most current prescription at hand.

Why do I need to return the consent form and health questionnaire before booking the first visit?

Under the rules of our professional code of conduct, we cannot proceed with any assessment or treatment without valid consent. This is a requirement by law. By sending you a copy of our consent forms before booking your first visit, you will have the opportunity to read the terms and conditions before agreeing to them. The health questionnaire, whilst this is not a pre-requisite by law, will give us information about you and your condition. We feel this good practice, so we can understand your needs and desired outcomes. We will not require consent forms for follow up visits although verbal consent to each session will still be required and documented.

Can someone stay with me during the session?

Yes. You may have another person with you all throughout your sessions. However, in order to avoid overcrowding, it is advisable to limit to 1 person. On the other hand, arrangements for additional people can be discussed, particularly if it relates to demonstration or training i.e. care agency staff.

Do I need to be referred by my GP?

No, we accept self-referrals directly from patients or their families. However, you may also request your GP to refer if you wish.

Do you need to contact my GP?

As part of our assessment, we will ask you about your current and past medical history. At times, we may need more information from your GP about your health to help inform your treatment program, and would request your permission to contact them. This applies to any other health professionals (i.e. specialist nurse) who may be working with you. This will be discussed and agreed with you, either in person or over the phone, and we will only contact other professionals when you have given either verbal or written consent.

Are you registered with any health insurance providers?

We are developing this area of our practice at present. If you plan to use your health insurance to pay for treatment, please discuss with your provider if they would consider practitioners outside their register. Feel free to give them our contact details if required. For more information please see our News & Updates page.

Will I need another visit after the first one?

Yes. The first visit will be an assessment and goal setting session; it is not possible to set up a comprehensive treatment program at the same time. Treatment sessions occur from second visit onwards. We will discuss appropriate follow up sessions needed, and you will be given a personal exercise program. To make the most of our therapy service, it will be useful if you have a dedicated person who we can train to help and support you with your personal exercise program. This could be a family member, close relative or friend, but please ensure they are happy and physically able to take on this role.

To book an appointment or for more information please call 07415 551 279 or email info@abilityneurophysio.co.uk

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