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Ability Neuro Physio is a community-based physiotherapy service aimed at supporting individuals with complex neurological needs.

What is neurological physiotherapy?

Neurological physiotherapy, often referred to as neuro physio, is a specialist area in physiotherapy practice which deals with conditions affecting the nervous system - mainly, the brain and spinal cord (see conditions we treat). Neuro physio is based around a number of principles, concepts, and approaches, with the general focus on training the nervous and muscular systems to improve motor function and restoring normal movement.

A neurological physiotherapist uses a host of different handling skills, exercises and routines to improve muscular strength, core stability, balance, posture, position, and sensation. As well as managing the physical effects of neurological conditions, a physiotherapist will also encourage problem solving, task re-learning, and self-management as part of a holistic rehabilitation program.

The overall aim of neurological physiotherapy is to facilitate a person's day to day living as best as possible. Each individual will have a unique experience and journey through their condition. Therefore, therapy is based on each person's specific needs and desired outcomes.

Why community-based?

People with neurological conditions present with various physical symptoms such as weakness, pain, increased tone, muscle imbalance, difficulty with moving and balance problems. At times, coming to a clinic can be difficult for logistical reasons such arranging transport, ensuring accessibility in/out of the house, or having someone to accompany the patient. Some patients may also have cognitive issues such as mental fatigue, lack of concentration, or poor memory/orientation. For these patients, engaging with therapy in a non-familiar environment can be demanding and challenging, and potentially less productive.

Ability Neuro Physio believes that effective and efficient treatment programs can be delivered within the person's own home, or any other environment of their choice, where they feel comfortable and familiar. By creating a physiotherapy program that is set within a patient's day to day environment, it enhances functional recovery and encourages long term self-management. Patients, as well as their families or friends, will be able to relate specific therapeutic movement and handling into real-life tasks such as getting in and out of bed, getting dressed, preparing a meal, or going up and down steps/stairs. Techniques that are repeated regularly as part of day-to-day life (not just as an exercise regime) gives the brain and body a better chance of improving function and activity.

Your physiotherapist

Molly Jones (Mallari) MSc

Molly is a clinical specialist physiotherapist in the area of neurology. She has over 15 years of experience as a Chartered Physiotherapist, majority of which she has spent working within various community-based multidisciplinary teams in the NHS in South Wales. She has broad experience in rehabilitation and managing complex neurological conditions.

Molly has completed several postgraduate training courses, which includes a Master's Degree in Chronic Conditions Management. She also completed a 3-week intensive training in Basic Bobath Concept, a specialist approach focusing on assessment and treatment of adults with neurological conditions, and certified by the British Bobath Tutors Association (BBTA).

Molly is also an accredited PD Warrior Instructor visit www.pdwarrior.com

As well as neurological and community rehabilitation, Molly also has keen interest in moving and handling. This includes completing risk assessments, creating safe handling plans, training and support for care staff, families, and friends.

If you, or someone you know, suffers from a neurological condition, call us on 07415 551 279 for advice on how a neuro physiotherapist can help.

To book an appointment or for more information please call 07415 551 279 or email info@abilityneurophysio.co.uk

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